Saturday, 16 February 2008

Exploring Kiruna

This morning I walked around Sandstensberget. Behind Sandstensberget, one can see nicely the midnight sun (summer) or the northern lights (winter). As it was a cloudy, windy, snowy, mild day in February, neither were present, but just looking at the wilderness north of the hill (altitude aound 560 meter, around 50 meter above lake Luossajärvi) is interesting enough. On my way there, I saw 24 dogs.

Behind the mountain was snow.

This is the view from my window:

In the afternoon I walked to lake Luossajärvi. First out of my street, Skyttegatan:
The ice and the snow on the lake is quite unlike what I am used to. There are layers of ice, snow, ice, snow and ice again, and it is not at all flat. In fact, near the edge of the lake, was an area of ice which was flat, but not horizontal. I didn't know that was possible and I find it rather puzzling.
Then it got dark and I went home.
More pictures here.

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