Sunday, 16 March 2008

REXUS / BEXUS selection workshop

On 5 and 6 March, I was at a workshop in Noordwijk, Netherlands.
ESA had invited me and three others to present an experiment to fly on a stratospheric balloon in September; for me, a free flight home and back.
Noordwijk is nice, ESTEC is nice, but Hotel Mitchbi is too cheap for ESA to house guests in. Good for tourists but ESA should get something more luxerious.
On Thursday I went home to my parents, two guests staying for one night, one of them for three nights.
Showed him around Amsterdam on Friday morning. Went to the hairdresser. On Saturday we hiked through the Kennemerduinen. In the evening I visited my friend.
On Sunday evening I went to the filmmuseum with my parents and sisters to see Stellet licht.
On Monday I flew home. I forgot my bread, the Becel I had bought for bringing to Sweden, I had forgotten to charge my phone, no battery no credit, and worst, I had forgotten my keys. In the evening I stayed with the friend who had stayed with me. The next morning I went to KBAB, their website said they were open 7-9, I was there at 7.30, at the door it said 9-11, I came back at 9.30, told them, they phoned Securitas who opened the door for me... I could have done that myself, even the night before. Cost me 350 crowns. And I still (Sunday) don't have the keys for my bicycle. My mother sent them on Monday night, so they have been on their way since Tuesday. Bah.

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