Thursday, 26 June 2008


I just returned from the car rental. I ordered a Toyota Aygo (1800 SEK for a week) but I got a Volvo V50. For the same price; the smaller car was not available. It will consume more fuel, and I hope extending the rental will also be for the same price...

My friend is arriving at Kiruna Airport in half an hour. Tomorrow morning we will leave for Skoganvarre (after buying food for the holiday) and the day after we will continue to Mehamn. From there we will hike to Cape Nordkinn (a.k.a. Kinnarodden) and back. We are not yet sure what we will do after that. Maybe drive to Tromsø and hike a bit there, extending the rental with a few days. Or maybe drive back another route, return the car and hike in the mountains near Kiruna instead. We will see.

On July 15 we will go south and I will arrive at my parents in Switzerland on July 17. I will travel with them back to The Netherlands in the first half of August, where I will spend 1-2 weeks before returning to Kiruna.

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