Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Finished studies

Today I succesfully held my final Master's Thesis presentation. It is now a formality to receive my Master's Thesis degree. After receiving my Bachelor degree (June 2007) I started with the Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Space Science and Technology in September 2007. The first semester in Würzburg (Germany) and the rest of the time here in Kiruna (Sweden). The last semester, I focussed fully on my Master's Thesis. I have carried it out at the Satellite Atmospheric Science Group. Today was the final.

For my Master's Thesis, I have looked for instances where two satellites look at the same place at the same time: so-called collocations. The combination of measured data from different satellites makes possible applications that are not possible with the data from just one satellite. The rationale, method and applications are described in my thesis. The thesis is relatively limited on maths and is relatively easy to understand.

The Master's Thesis can be found here and the presentation I have held today can be found here.

The presentation was excellent. There was a lot of public: nearly forty people. (PhD) students and scientists. I have explained the subject matter well and remained exactly within the time (30 minutes). Afterward I have answered a number of questions, among others from student opponents. This went very well as well.

Starting on 15 August, I will be a PhD student and proceed my research.