Sunday, 20 June 2010

"Er was eens een mannetje, dat was niet wijs..."

In winter, people put small cabins on the lake. There is a hole in the floor of the cabin, and they drill a hole in the ice. Then, they can go fishing while protected from the elements. Most of those are at Torneträsk, but there are some at Nagirjávri (pictured) as well. Pictures taken 29 May.

More pictures of Nagirjávri at Panoramio. (all by me)

An old Dutch verse has the text:
Daar was eens een mannetje, dat was niet wijs,
Dat bouwde zijn huisje al op 't ijs;
't Begon te dooien, maar niet te vriezen,
Toen moest dat mannetje zijn huisje verliezen.
It means: there once was a man, he was not smart, he built his house on the ice, it started to thaw rather than to freeze, and then the man had to lose his house.

(Those fishers (completely recreational, by the way) move their house to the shore rather than to let it sink)

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