Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Internet woes

I have ordered, but not received, broadband internet. That is not the ISPs fault. The ISP depends on infrastructure as owned by Opennet (Kiruna stadsn├Ąt, town-owned fiber network, for all private ISPs to deliver internet). Until recently uni delivered free anonymous internet via this, but they quit. Now Opennet need to install their switches, but they need a request from the landlord (also town-owned). The landlord reconvened after summer vacation yesterday, decided to order Opennet at two other locations but took no decision yet for mine, because a private operator exists. Bredbandsbolaget has parallel infrastructure so currently a monopoly on internet. It means I have ONE possibility to choose internet, a ISP whose services are expensive and bad. Besides, the Opennet socket is in a convenient location (under desk in bedroom), whereas the Bredbandsbolaget socket is in an inconvenient location (entrance apartment). I want to be able to choose my own internet provider!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Gerrit, I'm glad to see you are doing fine. Greetings from south of Sweden from an old IRC friend.