Friday, 14 February 2014

Does it really contain only a bicycle?

“According to my scale, this bag is 35 kg.”


“Does it really contain only a bicycle?”

“Well... it contains a bicycle and some things that belong to it.”

“You cannot take it like this, the maximum is 32 kg.  A bicycle is a frame, wheels, fork, etc.  You will need to check one extra suitcase.”

It's 10:35 and three hours until the flight to Keflavík departs (transfer to Pearson).  My two other suitcases are 50 kg together, she didn't say anything about it.  Indeed, my bicycle bag contains not only my bicycle, but also tools, tyres, pumps, and a bit of other things.  Now I have a problem.

My bag is well-packed with duct tape, that I did not bring.  Nor did I bring scissors.  There's a baggage store in the corner.  I go there and say I need a simple suitcase.  The simplest possible—I won't need it very often.  It needs to survive the trip.  That's all.


“Do you sell duct tape?”.

What they have instead is not terribly good, but it'll have to do.

“And scissors?”. 

“We're not allowed to have scissors.  We use our teeth.”

I take out the bicycle and put as much thing as I can in the new suitcase.  The tyres I fold twice.  This is not good for tyres, but I have no choice.  One pump fits in the suitcase.  The other does not and I put it next to the box again.  Tools, saddle, pedals, all go into the new suitcase.  It ends up being full.

I use the medicre tape to reclose the bicycle box.  It's not very good, so to compensate, I decide to use very much.  Hopefully it will old.  Halfway through the packing I realise the pump is still outside.  It'll have to go in the bicycle box regardless of the rules, just like other long things strapped to my frame.  Ah well.  Start again, tape a lot.  It'll have to do.

When I get back to check my new suitcase, it's 11:45.  15 kg.  The bicycle box is now permitted, being "only" 25 kg.  Goes to special baggage section C.  My checked luggage alone is 90 kg.  My carry-on probably 10 kg.  Flying with 100 kg.  Fortunately I already paid for the extra luggage in advance.

Let's see how my four pieces of checked baggage end up at Toronto Pearson.

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