Thursday, 28 June 2007

Bachelor's Diploma

Yesterday, 27 June, I received my Bachelor's Diploma in Applied Physics (Technische Natuurkunde) from Mr. Clemens Pouw. On Tuesday, the education office phoned me to ask when I was going to futch my diploma.
"Did you not get the letter?" I was asked.
"What letter?"
"Last weeks letter telling you to make an appointment with Mr. Pouw's secretary. I will send you a copy by e-mail".
"Thank you".

Soon after, I receive an e-mail with a document that I indeed did not receive in the mail. I phone the secretary, get connected to a voicemail and clumsily tell that I would like to make an appointment. The next morning, I am phoned back and am told that I can fetch my diploma at 14:00 that very afternoon.

At 13:57 I arrive at Mr. Pouw's office. He is not present yet, so I am offered coffee or tea my his secretary and I sit down. Soon, Mr. Pouw arrives. He says some words about me leaving the university. A pity for the university but good for me. And they are also proud that a student from University of Twente takes part in this Master's Programme. A pity that I cannot be present at the official graduation. But that's inevitable. Yes.

I recieve a nice, luxury map with my diploma in it. First, I sign a copy, "for practice", and then I sign the original original.
"Good luck in the future"
"I'll manage. Bye!"
At 14:05, I am standing outside again. With my Bachelor's Diploma. I am now a Bachelor of Science :)

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