Saturday, 14 July 2007

Saying goodby

I feel sad because I am saying goodbye to a beautiful student area (I will never get a room again as beautiful as this one, in a pyramid, with a balcony, and on the edge of a forest and the small-scale agricultural landscape of Twente) after having lived and studied there for four years. In addition, the process is a bit of an anticlimax: the campus is completely dead in summer: no sports, no movies, no events. And my parents are already on holiday, so I am all alone and haven't spoken anybody since Sunday (normally I go back to my parents on Friday). As a consquence, I am absolutely not focussed on my holiday trip to Norway (with fifteen people, something I am quite nervous about and which doesn't have my preference); instead, I am very focussed on the past AND focussed on the future, my Master course (Space Master, starting in September.

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