Friday, 23 November 2007

Surprise during lecture

A surprise during a guest lecture from Luitjens Popken, working at ESO and ESA, today.
It's not Christmas yet, but... three free posters and two free CD-ROM's for all students!

Five ESA-related items are visible on this image. Three posters and two CD-roms:
  1. Poster on the solar system with images of the sun, the planets, some moons, and other exciting astronomical objects, along with related ESA missions of the present, past and future
  2. Poster on BEPICOLOMBO, ESA mission explaring Planet Mercury
  3. Poster on PLANCK, ESA telescope to look at the ancient radiation of the universe
  4. CD-ROM on Huygens Probe, "Landing on an Earth-like world"
  5. CD-ROM on SOHO spacecraft observing the Sun (joint ESA and NASA).
All for free. And apparantly, more is to follow next week - but then from ESO...!

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