Friday, 22 February 2008

Repairs and walking

This morning, I was not sure if I was dreaming or awake, but at around 6:55, a silhouet was standing in my door and asking something in Swedish. I said something in English and he asked what the repairs were that I had asked for. Apparantly, he had come to repair the entrance of my cables and the connector of my window - at 6:55 in the morning. He told me to sleep on, which I couldn't; he glued the plate closing the whole where my cables come out of the wall, went back to get some tools and came back 20 minutes later to replace the connector; like the first repair, done in 5 minutes. Doing repairs before 7:00 in the morning. Kirunabostäder...

Yesterday morning I wanted to register as a foreigner in Kiruna. Since there were about 50 Africans and Asians waiting before me, I declined from doing so.

Yesterday and today I walked home from university, because I didn't feel like waiting 1-2 hours for the bus and I didn't have my bicycle yet. Walking was enjoyable, but yesterday a bit reckless, as I didn't have my reflective coat with me (I hadn't planned on walking home). When I came home, the coordinator for practical Spacemaster issues in Kiruna had sent an e-mail to the group of students. Someone had seen a nearly invisible person walking home along the road. In the e-mail, she asked us to please take reflective cloathing when walking home. I replied to her and told her that I was sorry.

Today, my box finally arrived. With my bike. It seems nearly undamaged. More about that later.

Tomorrow, we will have some outdoor activities during the late morning and early afternoon. More about that later as well.

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