Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Årets happening

Last Saturday, an outdoor trip was organised for all students in Kiruna and in particular for the newly arrived Spacemaster students. We gathered at Kunskapsparken at 11:00 and went by bus to an area near the airport (indicated as Piekkusvuoma on the map). The weather was nice: sunny and moderately cold (around -12 to -14) with not too much wind. A number of activities had been organised:

  • Snowshoe hiking
  • Dog sledge riding
  • Snowmobile driving
Additionally, there was a barbecue lunch and between the activities, it was fun to play in the snow. Almost all Spacemaster students and a number of other students were present.

In the evening, there was a welcome dinner organised at Kunskapsparken. The municipality had invited all students. The day finished with a part at Slusky, the student pub.

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