Friday, 2 May 2008

Camping in the forest

Because spring has come and there is thaw even during the night now, I decided to go camping for the second time this year.
After doubting for a long time where to go, I decided to go south in the direction of Kalixfors.
I wasn't sure yet where I would find a good spot; my objective was simply to go camping, somewhere, anywhere, and I would find a place.
I explored the track along the railway first, where the railway line to Svappavaara branches off the main Malmbanan railway line.
Down to the junctien it was ploughed, but on the other end of the railway line it wasn't; I'll come back there later.
I saw a sign at the junction and wanted to walk to it to see what it said (a train had just passed so I figured it would be safe), when a huge alarm went off, scaring me like hell, so I jumped on my bicycle and went further south.
Only when I lay in my sleeping bag later that night I realised the alarm was probably meant to scare away reindeer.
It sure scared away me.

I went to Kalixfors Skjutfält to see if Håmojåkkvägen was plaughed; it wasn't.

So I ended up going to Kalixforsbron, where I had been before. I found a place next to the track where there was no snow, and put up my tent there.

Picture are here.

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