Saturday, 5 July 2014

Canada day — the inland fjord of Western Brook Pond

Canada day.  In the morning we have booked the 11:00 departure for the
Western Brook Pond Boat Tour.  Around a 30 km drive north of Berry Hill
and then a 3 km hike on a trail so wide it is on Google Streetview.
Dozens of people hike the 3 km to join the boat tour, but it is still a
nice nature experience with a boardwalk passing through swamps.  The boat
tour itself is also nice.  The Western Brook Pond is like a fjord, but it
is no longer connected to the sea.  Like the other "ponds" in the area, it
was a fjord until the land rebounded post-glacially, and now all those
"ponds" end in coastal flatlands that area some 30 metre above sea level.
For the rest, it looks exactly like a fjord elsewhere in the world.

There are probably some 50 people on the boat.  The tour lasts almost two
hours.  A tour guide points out natural features on both sides, points out
that the water is very clean, but does not say that one could drink it if
one would drink water.  Nor is there any demonstration of an echo.
Unfortunately we can't get off at the end of the fjord.  I'd love to head
off into the mountain wilderness, but this may remain for another time.

After we get back we sit on the lake beach a bit before heading back with
a detour.  We're going to walk on the trail to the Western Brook and then
another route back to the main trail.  Two backpackers report that they
have been to the campground at the end of the trail.  They have forded the
Western Brook.  It would be nice to camp there.  Western Brook used to
have a seasonal bridge, but not any more.  Instead a rope is attached
between both ends of the river, to ease the fording.

After we get back to the car we transfer to the lighthouse trail near the
village of Cow Head.  A nice and easy little coastal trail with nice views
over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

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