Friday, 4 July 2014

June 30: a day without entering the car

Waking up without an alarm clock at 830-ish.  Today we need to do neither
driving nor moving, so we have all time for hiking.  We will do the three
hikes from the campsite.  Today it is cloudy and there is some rain.

A day without entering the car, great!

First hike to Baker Brook Falls.  Over boardwalks and clear trils to some
nice waterfalls.  On the way out there are some other people walking
around the same place at around the same speed.  At some point there
appears to be a parellel trail, so we take it in order to avoid the
people.  The trail diverges quite a bit from the main trail and leads to
the pretty little lake called Little Pond. 

At the end, the map has a trail going to the Baker Brook pond.  We briefly
explore it but it is too overgrown and we return to the trailhead.  Maps
are quite unreliable in this area.  Just like elsewhere in North America,
trails are often not drawn on the map, and features that are may or may
not be there.  The topography itself is correct, though.

After we get back te climb Berry Hill.  A short climb with steep stairs up
a hill, perhaps 50 metres up from a place near the campground.  Nice view
from the top.  On the descend I am once again reminded how big of a
success the hiking poles are for Catherine.  Makes the hiking much easier.

Finally we hike around Berry Pond.  On this hike we pass along some places
that were clearly campsites before, but seem to be no longer.  Should be
nice to camp directly at the lake, except for the mosquitoes.

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