Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Begin Spacemaster

On Monday morning we are expected in front of the Turing lecture hall in the Computer Science building. I am already awake at 7:30, and take it very easy to prepare myself. After showering, heaving breakfast and doing yet another attempt to get connected to the internet, have a shower and kill some more time. I leave my apartment around 8:30 and arrive at the Computer Science buidling about 5 minutes later. I am not the first student, and I introduce myself to the others.

At one point, I see two student talking (simple) German with the teacher. They are telling her that they have studied German before, and I join in to tell them that the same is true for me. "Noch einer!" We will go with the German class until after lunch, to take part in the "get-to-know" game and in the free lunch together in the mensa. On Tuesday morning, we will do the Einstufungstest.

There are students from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, Ethiopia, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Moldova, Sweden, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, India, China, Australia, and others will join later. A very diverse group. I am happy to be here.

At noon, the students staying at Galgenberg go to visit the Hausmeister-Vertretung. I go with them, even though I already have my key. I want to have washing coins (€1.50 each) and a Galgenberg-modem. The first is possible. The second is not, which disappoints me greatly. The Vertretung is not allowed to hand out the modems. I need to wait until the 11th, when the Hausmeister returns from holiday. Scheiße...

Fortunately, the library is open till 22:00. And from Wednesday, when we will officially enroll at JMUW, I will have an account for the university WLAN network. I don't know if it is accesible at night, but if it is, that is what I will do for the next week.

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